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The Bereavement Care Trust’s primary area of work is to train and support professionals and volunteers whose work brings them into contact with bereaved families, in order to enhance the quality of care and support they are providing. We operate a credible and well established training and consultancy service.


During the last five years, a great deal of attention has been focused on the delivery, or lack of delivery, of bereavement support services. There is a hush when someone dies; no one wants to talk about it. It is a taboo subject in our western society. However this is a topic that has risen high up in the government’s health and social care agenda and is incorporated into the National Minimum Standards by the Care Quality Commission.


At the Bereavement Care Trust we recognise that end of life care and bereavement is a very painful and emotional experience, and, equally, dealing with these sensitive issues can bring its own pressures on those delivering that care. We are passionate about providing that support, advice and guidance to people who work in this very difficult area. 


Our education programmes are one day is to assist healthcare professionals, Health Care

Assistants, Senior Carers, Nurses and anyone who is regularly working with individuals

 approaching the end of life and their families.


It is our intention that after each seminar, we will have dispelled some of the myths associated with death, bereavement and  the funeral profession and you will take this opportunity to help your staff to alleviate some of the taboos concerning death and bereavement. The workshops are also a great learning experience for solicitors, teachers and parents helping them to help others.





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